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SHIC Releases May Domestic and Global Swine Disease Monitoring Reports
Dr. Lisa Becton - Swine Health Information Center

Farmscape for May 21, 2024

The Swine Health Information Center reports elevated PRRS and Porcine circovirus 3 activity over the past month in the U.S. but decreased reports of the enteric coronaviruses and Influenza A.
As part of its monthly eNewsletter the Swine Health Information Center has released its domestic and global swine disease monitoring reports.
SHIC Associate Director Dr. Lisa Becton says PRRS has been of particular concern.

Quote-Dr. Lisa Becton-Swine Health Information Center:
The activity between March and April has been elevated, specifically focusing on the L1C.5 strain of virus that's being seen a little more active in Iowa, South Dakota, Indiana, Illinois and other states.
Both the percentage of positive cases submitted are higher and tissue submission diagnosis are higher and so that's telling us there is more activity of PRRS on multiple levels.
It is being seen in our wean to market categories.
That's been the predominant age group where the virus has been active but it's also been active in sow farms and so it's one that's going to be monitored for sure just to see what is the continued activity and do these trends change over time?
Looking at our enteric coronaviruses, there is still activity in Kansas for PEDv but we are seeing a reduction in Porcine Deltacoronavirus in a lot of states with the exception of Minnesota and Missouri.
This does follow some trends that are seen going into warmer months but it is also something to continue to look at and see where those trends continue to trend downward.
Porcine circovirus 3 positivity has seen an increase in both sows and wean to market so that will continue to be monitored as the months progress.
The same with Influenza A virus.
We are seeing a downward trend in the wean to market age  group but sows are still seeing areas of activity and positivity.

The Swine Health Information Center's domestic and global swine disease monitoring reports can be accessed at
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Bruce Cochrane.

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