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Swine Welfare Research to be Highlighted During Prairie Swine Centre Spring Producer Meetings
Dr. Martyna Lagoda - Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Farmscape for April 18, 2024

Pork producers will have an opportunity to learn more about research being conducted in the area of swine welfare as part of the Prairie Swine Centre's upcoming spring producer meetings.
"Advancing swine welfare practices to empower your industry: what the Chair in Swine Welfare is doing for you" will be among the topics discussed as part of the Prairie Swine Centre's series of spring producer meetings planned for Strathmore, Alberta April 30, Swift Current, Saskatchewan May 1 and Niverville, Manitoba May 3.
Dr. Martyna Lagoda, a Post-doctoral Fellow Swine Behavior and Welfare with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, says the program will be of interest to pork producers, veterinarians and other pork sector stakeholders.

Quote-Dr. Martyna Lagoda-Western College of Veterinary Medicine:
The NSERC IRC in Swine Welfare is a five-year research program led by Dr. Yolande Seddon at the University of Saskatchewan as the Chair and it's a strategic initiative in response to the need for practical solutions to swine welfare pressures that the industry is faced with.
The research program is designed to deliver innovative research to allow the industry to proactively address swine welfare challenges.
The key aspect to note here is the applied nature of this research.
The highly qualified team developed as part of the NSERC IRC works to align science with industry needs to deliver really practical solutions for the industry.
Ultimately the program supports sustainable and ethical food production which positions the Canadian swine industry as a responsible and a trusted pork producer both nationally and globally as an exporter of pork as well.
The program is funded by 14 industry partners representing pork boards, producers and genetics companies and this has been matched by NSERC's government funding and we also have funds from the University of Saskatchewan.
It's important to mention that the industry's investment in this work demonstrates their commitment to welfare and understanding of the need to proactively address welfare.

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Bruce Cochrane.

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