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Sask Pork Launches Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Program
Lynn Redl-Huntington - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board

Farmscape for January 18, 2023

The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board has launched a new agricultural-education program and named a 10-year-old Whole Hog Youth Ambassador.
Sask Pork has unveiled a new Whole Hog Youth Ambassador program geared to toward youth.
Communications and marketing manager Lynn Redl-Huntington says, as Canadians become increasingly urban, many young consumers don't know where their food comes from and, because the pork industry is especially challenged to tell its story due to strict biosecurity, the new Whole Hog Youth Ambassador will help share that story in a fun and youthful way.

Clip-Lynn Redl-Huntington-Saskatchewan Pork Development Board:
We have 10-year-old Reise Podhordeski of Marcelin, Saskatchewan, who will be our whole hog ambassador for the next year.
Reise brings a natural curiosity and a keen interest in the hog industry to the new role.
He comes from an agricultural background.
His grandparents and his father actually once ran a genetic female nucleus.
He's a horse lover, he's been actively involved in the 4-H light horse club and this is an enthusiastic young new ambassador.
Reise, as our whole hog ambassador will be very visible throughout the industry and across our social media channels at Sask Pork.
He'll be attending a variety of events across the province.
He'll be attending things like Agribition and community agri-education events.
You may see him at the Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium in this next year as well.
He'll be recording videos, he's touring inside barns.
He's going to be doing a bunch of videos that will be released all year long and they'll focus on basic consumer questions like, "why do pigs usually live in barns" and also more behind the scenes content like "what do pigs do for fun" and "why is the hog industry in Saskatchewan such a big deal?"
They are basic fun questions that we hope capture the imagination and the audience of people who may want to learn a little bit more about Saskatchewan's third most significant agricultural sector.

Redl-Huntington expects this initiative to bring an enthusiasm that hasn't been highlighted before and allow engagement with an entirely different segment of the population.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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