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Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium Shifted to Virtual
Lynn Redl-Huntington - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board

Farmscape for October 22, 2021

In response to a rise in COVID numbers in Saskatchewan, Sask Pork is shifting the 2021 edition of Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium from a live event to a virtual event.
Lynn Redl, Communications and Marketing Coordinator with the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board.
The 44th edition of Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium, slated for November 16 and 17 will feature eleven guest speakers from four countries, live sessions featuring industry experts discussing best practices, the latest in industry trends, research and innovation and some practical take home information for producers.
Lynn Redl, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator with the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, says despite the move to a virtual conference, the agenda will stay pretty much the same.

Clip-Lynn Redl-Saskatchewan Pork Development Board:
We decided to move the conference virtual just given the rise in COVID numbers in Saskatchewan.
We had a long conversation with our Board of Directors and staff and, recognising that there is a lot of nervousness across the province about the health risks that are out there, we decided to make the move to a virtual event so that it was much more inclusive, everyone could feel comfortable joining the event from the comfort of their home or office.
Truly, the conference itself, the agenda doesn't change a whole lot.
The only thing that we're missing, as you can imagine, would be the dinner and the awards that would typically take place.
Obviously, that's a tough one to do virtually so we'll leave that piece off and leave all of the learning available for producers.
We're actually anticipating a greater level of interactivity and guests joining us, just given that travel is no longer a factor for many folks and, with the piece from the comfort of your own home, it allows people to come and go into the sessions that are most relevant to them.
So, we're looking forward to a really great turn out and encourage everyone to join us.
It's a great guest list and it's all on line at

Conference registration is still required for all attendees but registration will now be free of charge.
Anyone who had previously registered will have their fees refunded in full and will be automatically registered for the online event.
For more visit or Farmscape.Ca.
Bruce Cochrane.

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