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Farmers for Free Trade Calls for Ratification of USMCA
Blanche Lincoln - Farmers for Free Trade

Farmscape for December 4, 2019

Farmers for Free Trade has sent a letter bearing the signatures of over 22 hundred farmers calling on congressional leaders to immediately ratify the USMCA.
This past spring Farmers for Free Trade embarked on a 30-state, 20 thousand mile, 100 stop tour called the Motorcade for Trade in support of United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
Blanche Lincoln, a Farmers for Free Trade Spokesperson and a former Arkansas Senator and Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, told reporters participating in a Farmers for Free Trade media call, we're at the point where the rubber meets the road on the USMCA.

Clip-Blanche Lincoln-Farmers for Free Trade:
USMCA is a top priority for American agriculture.
Listening to farmers and ranchers and all kinds of producers across this great country, this is a huge issue for them.
This kind of certainty puts them back in the drivers seat of being able to go back and do what they do best.
Farmers are watching this debate very closely.
I know because I've been out on the road with Farmers for Free Trade talking to farmers who's livelihood depends on exporting to our North American neighbors and keeping those relationships going.
I also know because I've been out in Arkansas and visiting with farmers all across our state during Thanksgiving holiday.
Their voices must be heard on Capital Hill.
That is what we are out here talking about day in and day out.
We have had a massive grassroots support in this effort that we have had and that's why today Farmers for Free Trade is sending a letter that is signed by over 22 hundred small American farmers, sending it to congressional leaders calling for an immediate passage of the agreement.

Lincoln says negotiators are on the cusp agreeing to changes Congress has sought and there should be nothing stopping them from working across the aisle to get this done quickly.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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