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CPC Expects Rebound in Pork Exports to China
Rick Bergmann - Canadian Pork Council

Farmscape for November 8, 2019

The Chair of the Canadian Pork Council expects the movement of Canadian pork to China to eclipse the pace set prior to China's suspension of Canadian pork imports in June.
The Chair of the Canadian Pork Council expects, with the lifting of China's suspension of Canadian pork and beef imports, the movement of Canadian pork to that market to eclipse the pace set prior to the suspension.
Early this week, after just over four months in place, China announced an end to its suspension of Canadian pork and beef imports.
Rick Bergmann, the Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, says prior to June 25th, the Chinese demands for pork and for different cuts of pork were changing and increasing, due in part to the challenges faced by a country that's dealing with African Swine Fever.

Clip-Rick Bergmann-Canadian Pork Council:
China is our third largest market.
In the first part of 2019 we saw some significant increase in volume that were going there and then that all ended June 25th so it's a critical market place for us.
We sell them different cuts.
We sell them products that we don't really use here in Canada either so it's very much a win win customer for us.
Again, with a country as large as that, we look forward with a lot of opportunity to enhance and build on what we had in the past.
As you know African Swine Fever has been a significant challenge in many Asian countries, including China and as they've been heavily impacted by this disease they require a nutritious form of protein and they're looking at Canadian pork now again to fulfill their needs there.
We're very fortunate and look forward to building a stronger relationship than what we would have even had in the past.

Bergmann sees continued opportunity within China to move more and more Canadian pork.
He notes the Canadian pork industry is working diligently to strengthen its relations with Chinese pork importers and he looks forward to significant trade moving forward.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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