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Kipling Youth to Benefit from Proceeds from Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival
Judy Larson - Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival

Farmscape for June 18, 2019

The youth of Kipling will benefit from the proceeds raised this past weekend through the 2019 Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival.
The Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival, created seven years ago to raise money for youth related infrastructure in Kipling, brings together professional chefs and home cooks to compete for trophies and cash awards.
To qualify for the competition each recipe must feature bacon.
Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival Committee Member Judy Larson explains winners are selected by those who purchase tickets for the competition and sample each of the recipes.

Clip-Judy Larson-Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival:
We had 14 professional chefs and home cooks cooking for a total of 18 items.
We had four categories.
They were the professional chef savory, professional chef sweet, and home cook savory and home cook sweet.
The Bar and Grill in Carlisle, headed up by Chef Jonathon, was awarded both the professional savory for his Salacious Bacon Crumble and they were also awarded the chef sweet for Bacon Cotton Candy Lollipop.
Our home cook winners were Megan Czarnata and she made a Bacon Brownie and Natasha Waynert won the home cook savory with her Cheese Stuffed Bacon Meatball on Rice.
Each of the winners were awarded a trophy in their category and a 150 dollar prize award.

Larson notes a portion of the proceeds from this year's Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival will be used to cover part of the cost of refurbishing the kitchen of the youth centre in Kipling and some of the profits will be directed to another youth related infrastructure in Kipling.
She says the food was great, the entertainment was great and she applauds the sponsors of the event as well as those who came out to sample the recipes.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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