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Rainfall Needed to Move Forward Saskatchewan Crop Development
Cory Jacob - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for June 11, 2019

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports, with spring planting virtually complete, what's needed now is a general province-wide rain.
Saskatchewan Agriculture reports 99 percent of the crop is now planted, up from 92 percent last week and ahead of the five year average of 93 percent.
Crops Extension Specialist Cory Jacob says with the exception of some greenfeed, a bit of late barley, oats and flax and some reseeding planting is virtually complete.

Clip-Cory Jacob-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Really all regions across the province are in that 99 percent range for seeding progress.
We've got pretty much all of the crops seeded in quite good time.
For crop development we're seeing kind of behind normal for normal developmental stage for this time of year.
We've got some crop that's been sitting in the ground for quite awhile that hasn't emerged yet either waiting for that rain.
In Saskatchewan here it's mostly lack of rainfall that's driving that development.
A lot of crops have kind of stalled out and are waiting for that rain.
Across the province cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 22 percent adequate, 47 percent short and 31 percent very short.
Across the hay and pastureland it's rated as 18 percent adequate, 42 percent short and 40 percent very short.
Across  the whole province we see that need for rain.
It is a bit variable.
We do have adequate topsoil moisture conditions in the very northeast and northwest parts of the province.
I'm talking the Meadow Lake area and Nipawin-Hudson Bay and there might be the odd isolated area here and there in the province.
For the most part a general rain that would go corner to corner on the province would be just what we need to turn things around here.

Jacob says we need conditions to stay a bit on the cooler side and a good long few day rain event with a couple of inches to let things soak in.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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