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Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival Set for June 15 in Kipling
Judy Larson - Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival

Farmscape for May 29, 2019

The Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival will take place again next month in Kipling.
The Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival will bring together chefs and home cooks June 15th in Kipling to compete for top honours in four categories.
The annual event was created to raise money to support local youth related infrastructure.
Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival Committee Member Judy Larson says it's a family friendly activity.

Clip-Judy Larson-Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival:
The essence of the Bacon Festival is we get several vendors come together and they will create either one or two entries each of bacon related items, kind of like an hors d'oeuvre bite size item.
When our ticket holders come in the door they will go to  the various vendors and they will be able to sample all of these wonderful treats.
We're not exactly sure how many participants we will have this year but we generally guarantee 20 plus entries so that the ticket holders know that they are getting their value.
After they've sampled everything the ticket holders will be able to vote and we have a voting method on the different entries.
|We have four categories.
We have Professional Chef Savory and Professional Chef Sweet and then we have Home Cook Savory and Home Cook Sweet as well.
With those categories we'll have four trophies to hand out and four dollar gifts to be awarded to those as well.
Plus we have entertainment throughout the day.

A maximum of 350 tickets are available.
For more information search Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival on Facebook or email
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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