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Decline in PED in Manitoba Speaks to Sector's Commitment to Biosecurity
Jenelle Hamblin - Manitoba Pork

Farmscape for March 7, 2019

The Manager of Swine Health Programs with Manitoba Pork says the decline in PED in the province since 2017 speaks to the sector's commitment to biosecurity.
Last week a third case of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea was confirmed Alberta while in Manitoba the first case of PED this year was confirmed.
Jenelle Hamblin, the Manager of Swine Health Programs with Manitoba Pork, says PED in Manitoba has been evolving.

Clip-Jenelle Hamblin-Manitoba Pork:
In 2017 as we all know Manitoba dealt with 80 cases of PED.
Following that in 2018 that number fell to 17 cases and currently for 2019 we have one new case as of last week being reported and confirmed.
Of those 17 cases from 2018, currently we have eight of those cases that have reached presumptive negative status, five that are at transitional and four that remain positive.
However we are very close to seeing those transitional move to presumptive negative and those positives move to transitional.
Along with Manitoba Agriculture's CVO Office and us here at Manitoba Pork working with the herd veterinarians on the ground we're tracking those cases and they are efficiently moving through those statuses up to presumptive negative.
The cases late in December and this one in February I think were a bit of surprise however it does serve as a reminder that biosecurity any time of the year is of the utmost importance.
I think typically we were looking at those spring months for PED season to be really mindful, not that people on the ground aren't thinking about biosecurity all the time, but it just serves as a reminder that the virus is out there and that we need to be diligent 365 days of the year.

Hanblin says the decline in the number of cases in Manitoba speaks to the commitment of the pork secotr as a whole to biosecurity.
She says from every touch point, there has been lengthy conversation on what biosecurity practices can be implimented and how they can be done in an effective way.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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