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Animal Health Top of Mind in 2019
George Matheson - Manitoba Pork

Farmscape for December 28, 2018

The Chair of Manitoba Pork says containing PED and preventing ASF will be top of mind in 2019.
Animal health will be a key focus the pork sector during 2019.
George Matheson, the Chair of Manitoba Pork, says the success pork producers have had in dealing with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea is good evidence that, when you have a concerted biosecurity effort, you can have a great deal of control when it come to preventing diseases.

Clip-George Matheson-Manitoba Pork:
PED continues to be very much a concern although its impact is being felt less.
We had fewer cases this year, 14 as compared to 80 in 2017 so we're moving in the right direction.
Producers are practicing for the most part good sound biosecurity and are working in tandem with health care specialists in the province.
Again, on the world front, African Swine Fever is something that thank goodness has not reached North American shores yet but we're paying very close attention to its movement.
We do have the Canadian Food Inspection Agency working in tandem with Canadian Border Services to help prevent African Swine Fever from entering Canada.
It can enter by not only live animals but also feed ingredients can be a carrier and food products as well.
It's a massive task but we're doing our best to make all citizens aware of the importance of being careful when these products are imported.
We again are continuing to emphasize the importance of biosecurity for all Canadian producers.

Matheson says the pork sector will be monitoring the spread of African Swine Fever and doing everything possible to keep it out of North America.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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