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Saskatchewan Encourages Ottawa to Consider Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Successes
Don Morgan - Minister of Justice Saskatchewan

Farmscape for September 20, 2018

Saskatchewan's Attorney General is calling on Ottawa to consider the action being taken in his province and other jurisdictions as it considers its policies on greenhouse gas mitigation.
In April Saskatchewan launched a constitutional reference case in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to challenge the Federal Government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on the province and public support and support from other jurisdictions within Canada have been building.
Don Morgan, Saskatchewan's Attorney General and Minister of Justice, says his province's goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without a carbon tax.

Clip-Don Morgan-Attorney General Saskatchewan:
Given the issues that we have with international trade, our position that we have to be very much competitive with other jurisdictions around the world, we're hoping that the federal government will say maybe we should revisit this and look at the other things that our province and other jurisdictions are doing to try and minimize emissions.
We've introduced a Prairie Resilience Plan which focuses on resilience and on reducing emissions.
Our goal is to economically have sustainable and promoting growth with no carbon tax.
By 2030 we want to have a 40 percent reduction in emissions from electrical generation and a 40 percent reduction from methane.
Since 2005 our emissions intensity is down while the GDP is up 22 percent so we think the things that we're doing already by way of a technology fund, by way of having zero till offset, pulse crops, things that draw carbon out, those are the type of things that we think are the right things to do.
They're sustainable.
We have a carbon capture and storage electrical generation plant in our province that's now captured over two million tonnes so we're taking a lot of steps and we urge other jurisdictions to do the same and we'd also ask the federal government to look carefully at those things.

Morgan is hopeful the federal government will delay any final decision until after the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has ruled on the province's constitutional challenge.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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