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HyLife Helps Position Manitoba as World Leader in Pork Processing
Ralph Eichler - Agriculture Minister Manitoba

Farmscape for September 18, 2018

Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture says it's companies like HyLife Foods are helping secure Manitoba's position as a world leader in the production of high quality high value protein.
Last week representatives of the provincial, federal and municipal governments, HyLife Foods and the public gathered in Neepawa to recognize the government industry partnership that has stimulated HyLife Foods 176 million dollar investment in new infrastructure.
Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler says investments in agriculture and processing create economic activity and jobs.

Clip-Ralph Eichler-Agriculture Minister Manitoba:
The food processing industry is a major economic driver which accounted for, in 2017, 25 percent of all manufacturing activities here in Manitoba and generated 4.7 billion in sales.
Of that amount 42 percent, or two billion, was from the meat processing sector.
This is very exciting for Manitoba's protein industry.
In the last two years there have been over 1.1 billion in new investments in agriculture and processing industry here in Manitoba.
In Manitoba this is creating economic activity and new jobs as well as creating markets for locally grown foods and crops.
HyLife's investment of 176 million result in 165 new jobs at the company's processing facility, hog barns and feed mills.
It's equally exciting to see Manitoba's success story grow and thrive.
HyLife Foods continues to demonstrate innovation in producing and processing pigs to create a premium product to a demanding specification.
Through this project they are having a significant positive effect on Manitoba's economy by using local trades and services during the construction of these facilities.

Eichler says people around the world want more protein and companies like HyLife position Manitoba as a world leader in the pork processing sector.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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