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Warm Dry Weather Speeds Along Saskatchewan Harvest
Allie Noble - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for August 31, 2018

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports continuing warm dry weather allowed the harvest to advance quickly over the past week.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Allie Noble, a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says the harvest took a huge jump over the past week reaching 27 percent complete, well ahead of the five year average of 13 percent, due to the warm dry conditions which have allowed crops to mature quickly and producers to get them off.

Clip-Allie Noble-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
In the southwest region, they have approximately 46 percent of the crop now combined.
The southeast has 42 percent combined.
The west central has 23 percent combined.
The east central region has 16 percent combined.
Along with this, the northeast has 10 percent of the crop in the bin and the northwest is at five percent which is well ahead of most of the averages for this time of year.
We've seen that the winter cereals like fall rye and winter wheat are almost done for the year.
There's approximately 96 percent of fall rye in the bin and 78 percent of winter wheat.
Along with this our pulse crops have been coming off quickly with 76 percent of the field peas and 74 percent of the lentils in the bin.
Quality has been pretty good across the board.
The yields have been everywhere from well below average to well above average and this is varying even just within the region.
Really, who ever got those little rainfalls, that took the crop the extra mile and was what they were able to use to get some great yields in some places.

Noble says most areas across the province saw a light spattering of rain here and there but it was just enough to settle the dust so moisture is still short.
She says, with the dry weather, there have been a few reported combine or grass fires and urges farmers to take fire precautions in the fields.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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