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Heat Stress Reduces Manitoba Crop Yield Potentials
Anne Kirk - Manitoba Agriculture

Farmscape for August 14, 2018

Hot weather and a lack of moisture this season have reduced crop yield potentials across much of Manitoba.
Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Anne Kirk, a Cereal Crop Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says hot dry conditions continued over the past week, especially on the weekend.

Clip-Anne Kirk-Manitoba Agriculture:
The yields and the progress really depends on the region.
In the southwest region yields for winter cereals are reported as average.
Spring cereal harvest is just starting and yields range from average to below average.
In terms of field peas for the southwest region we're seeing average yields so far.
In the northwest we're just seeing harvest starting with winter cereals as well as pea harvest and lentils ongoing.
In the central region we are seeing a wide variety of yields.
It really depends on if rainfall was received in that area.
Winter cereal yields range from about 30 to 80 bushels for winter wheat and 40 to 90 for fall rye.
In terms of spring wheat yields in the Red River Valley are about 40 to 70 bushels per acre and on the escarpment about 60 to 90 bushels per acre.
Oats range from 70 to 120 and barley at 80 to 100.
We're starting to see some canola being harvested in the central region as well.
In terms of the eastern region, winter wheat harvest ranges from about 55 to 70 bushels per acre, spring wheat at 55 to 70 and oats at 80 to 130.
Lastly, for the interlake region, fall rye harvest is about 70 to 90 bushels per acre, barley 35 to 80 bushels and oats 40 to 120 bushels and spring wheat at 30 to 75 bushels per acre.
For most areas we are seeing a pretty wide range of yields and that really depends on if those producers or those fields got rains or not.

Kirk says on average we are seeing dry conditions and that is impacting yield potential.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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