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Taste of Saskatchewan Kicks Off Tuesday
John Howden - SaskTel Centre

Farmscape for July 11, 2018

Food Service will be the focus next week of one of Saskatoon's largest festivals of the year as SaskTel Centre hosts the 23rd annual "Taste of Saskatchewan."
Taste of Saskatchewan, an almost week long festival, that highlights the foods available at Saskatoon and area restaurants kicks off next Tuesday at Kiwanis Park on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.
John Howden, the Director of Business Development with SaskTel Centre, expects over 100 thousand visitors over the six days the event runs, including families with kids, the university crowd, workers from the nearby offices and tourists.

Clip-John Howden-SaskTel Centre:
There's the music stage which has local bands that play basically from the moment the gates open all the way to the end of the night each night.
The food the feature of the week.
We have a great variety of restaurants.
They all are able to showcase three of their best dishes.
We have local favorites, more Canadian cuisine, ice cream from Homestead Ice Cream, Asian restaurants, Schryer's Pulled Pork is another favorite, Irish cuisine so there's definitely something for everyone and this gives the folks in Saskatoon the opportunity to try out some new restaurants that perhaps they wouldn't visit or in some cases didn't even know existed and maybe just challenge their palates a little bit on a few things as well.
And then three years ago we started the Farm and Food Care Chef Series stage.
Chefs compete in a black box competition all week.
There's three competitions daily leading up to the finals on Sunday.

Howden notes it's free to be in the park and to listen to the music or watch the Chef's Stage and tokens can be purchased to participate in the children's events so the main cost is to try the different cuisine available.
For more information on Taste of Saskatchewan, visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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