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National Pork Board Steps Up Focus On Diversifying Export Markets
Dr. Craig Morris - National Pork Board

Farmscape for June 13, 2018

The National Pork Board, through the Pork Checkoff, is stepping up its focus on diversifying export markets for U.S. Pork.
Since the mid-1980s the contribution of pork exports to the total value of a hog produced in the US. has gone from less that two dollars to almost 54 dollars, about a third of the value of that hog.
Dr. Craig Morris, the Vice President International Marketing with the National Pork Board, says factors such as over production in some markets or trade policy challenges in others have shown the importance of market dissatisfaction.

Clip-Dr. Craig Morris-National Pork Board:
If you look at our priorities right now they essentially fall into three buckets.
We invest in the American Pork Export Trading Company to really look at the barriers to U.S. pork in markets that we're not currently in.
What is going on that's preventing U.S. pork from getting there and what sort of resources can we put towards addressing those issues.
The second big bucket obviously is the work that we do in our strategic partnership with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to promote U.S. pork in those markets that we do have access to.
One of the things that we've been doing with them very strategically is moving those resources towards those growth market, the markets that we truly believe are the markets of tomorrow so that the developed markets are still there for us but we're making sure that we've got resources in play to build demand in those new markets.
The third bucket, which is a relatively new bucket for us, is investing very heavily in what we're calling food foresight or coining as Pork 2040, really understanding from a very scientific way, getting the insights about what the demand for pork will be like around the world 20 years out so that we can make sure that the investments of today are really preparing ourselves for the markets of tomorrow.

Dr. Morris says the U.S. pork sector needs to take its export market activities as strategically as possible.
For more information on plans for expanding the penetration of U.S. pork into new markets, contact the National Pork Board.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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