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Dry Weather Allows Rapid Seeding Progress
Anne Kirk - Manitoba Agriculture

Farmscape for May 23, 2018

Manitoba Agriculture reports, despite limited precipitation last week, continued dry soil conditions have allowed spring planting to advance rapidly and more rain is needed.
Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Ann Kirk, a cereal crop specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says topsoil conditions remain quite dry in all regions of the province.

Clip-Ann Kirk-Manitoba Agriculture:
Provincially seeding is estimated at about 80 percent complete.
That's right on track with what we saw last year and a little bit ahead of the five year average.
Seeding is progressing fairly quickly in all regions of the province due to the fact that it's been fairly dry and there haven't been a lot of seeding delays for farmers.
Overall we are seeing that most of the spring cereals are planted, canola planting is nearing completion, corn is nearing completion in the Central and Eastern regions, peas are complete and soybeans range anywhere from about 25 to 90 percent completed for seeding.
We did receive some rainfall throughout the province at the end of last week.
Most of the rain fell in the Central and Eastern regions of the province and it was variable even within those regions.
We received smaller amounts of precipitation in the Interlake and the Northwest and Southwestern areas with some areas receiving no precipitation last week so we are seeing quite dry conditions throughout the most of the province.
Although we did receive precipitation last week, the amounts we had ranged anywhere from five millimeters to just over 40 so most areas we are really needing more precipitation for crop emergence, growth and development.

Kirk says we are seeing emergence in the spring cereals, peas, canola corn and soybeans.
She says the spring cereals range from one leaf to four leaves with tillers, the canola ranges from the cotyledon to two leaf stage, the soybeans and corn are at the early stage of emergence and, in most areas, we are seeing fairly good plant stands.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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