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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Ready for April 1 Launch
Lawrence MacAulay - Canada-Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Farmscape for February 14, 2018

Canada's Agriculture Minister says the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership will be ready to move forward on April 1st.
Canada's Agriculture Minister celebrated Agriculture Day in Canada yesterday alongside farmers, ranchers, food processors, industry leaders and youth in Ottawa, where he outlined details of the six federal programs under the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
Lawrence MacAulay says, on April 1, Agriculture Ministers from across Canada will launch the new partnership.

Clip-Lawrence MacAulay-Agriculture Minister Canada:
Over the next five years our government will invest three billion dollars to help the Canadian agriculture industry grow, innovate and prosper.
Over one billion of the three billion dollars invested under the partnership will support federal programs and activities.
There are six programs in total and today I'm proud to announce these programs are now open for business.
These programs will support three key areas, growing trade and expanding markets, innovation and sustainable growth for the sector and supporting diversity in a dynamic and evolving sector.
Trade is also vital for Canadian farmers.
We export about have of what we produce in this country and in products like canola and others we export over 80 percent.
Our government knows that trade also drives our jobs and our economy.
That's why we have set a target for 75 billion dollars of agricultural exports by 2025.
The programs launched today will help us get there.
Strong trade also depends n strong innovation.
To compete in today's global market you've got to innovate.
Our science clusters will bring industry and scientists to the table to ensure our science is hitting the target.

MacAulay says one key thing heard during discussions with the agriculture sector was that there should be no lapse.
He says the partnership will be ready to go on April 1st.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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