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Manitoba Agriculture Applauds Successful Effort to Conclude CPTPP Negotiations
Ralph Eichler - Agriculture Minister Manitoba

Farmscape for January 25, 2018

Manitoba's Agriculture Minister applauds the efforts of those involved in the successful conclusion of efforts aimed at creating a new Trans-Pacific free trade agreement.
On Tuesday the 11 nations participating in negotiations aimed at creating a Trans-Pacific free trade agreement announced a deal had been struck and will be officially signed in early March.
Ralph Eichler, Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture, says Manitoba sees the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership as a substantial benefit for Canada and for Manitoba even without the U.S. participating.

Clip-Ralph Eichler-Agriculture Minister Manitoba:
The CPTPP countries represent a market of about 494 million people, a combined GDP of 10.2 trillion and close to 13.6 of the world economy so successful implementation of the CPTPP with Canada as a founding signatory is vital to Manitoba.
As you know, for Agriculture in particular, it gives us access to the Japanese market which is key for beef, pork, canola oil and wheat.
Japan is our largest customer when it  comes to our Manitoba pork which is strong.
In 2016 46 percent of Manitoba pork exports, worth 425 million went to Japan alone.
This is a huge step for us, we're excited about this opportunity and looking to expand our markets even more as a result of this agreement.

Eichler congratulates all of those who were involved in the process of successfully completing these negotiations.
He acknowledges this has not been easy and he applauds the commitment of those who took part to make this agreement work for all of us.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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