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Social Issues Influence Food Buying Choices Among Millennials
Dr. Ellen Goddard - University of Alberta

Farmscape for December 11, 2017

An Agricultural Economist with the University of Alberta says more than ever social issues are influencing food purchasing decisions, especially among millennials.
"Producer verses Consumer Perceptions on Production, Health and Welfare and Technology" was among the topics discussed last month as part of Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2017 in Saskatoon.
Dr. Ellen Goddard, the Cooperative Chair of Agricultural Marketing and Business with the University of Alberta, observes increasingly social issues are driving food purchases.

Clip-Dr. Ellen Goddard-University of Alberta:
It's really intriguing that older, however you define an older consumer, I'm certainly one of those, but people in their 50s plus are generally more accepting that something being done in agriculture is being done correctly.
We find that the millennial group, which could be the between 19 and 35 group is generally somewhat less accepting and more curious and more determined that they will identify practices they think they feel comfortable with by the attributes that are described with the product.
They're more looking for organic, they're more looking for free from products.
That could be gluten-free or antibiotic-free or a variety of free from products that they would be looking for.
In general, not free from fat any more but free from some of these other attributes that they identify as negative and they feel more strongly about that.

Dr. Goddard says for many older people, we want to feel comfortable that we're not damaging the environment or damaging animal welfare but for millennials they will actually switch purchases based on those kind of credence attributes.
She acknowledges while the environment and animal welfare and those kinds of things are important, price is still always a key factor.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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