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U.S. Economic Community Aware of and Supportive of NAFTA
Lawrence MacAulay - Canada-Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Farmscape for October 19, 2017

Canada's Agriculture Minister says the U.S. economic community is well aware of the benefits of NAFTA and remain supportive of maintaining the deal.
With the fourth round of discussions aimed at modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement now complete speculation that U.S. President Donald Trump will ultimately end the agreement continues to grow.
Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay, who addressed reporters earlier this week as part of a teleconference during his trade mission to Germany, Belgium and Italy, said it is difficult to speculate on how the negotiations will turn out but any deal has to be right for Canada and he is confident in the ability of Canada's negotiators.

Clip-Lawrence MacAulay-Canada-Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food:
We have very capable negotiators at the table and it's going to be done fair.
We need a right deal and we're not going to sign any deal.
We need a right deal.
We have said many times that we know who decided or urged that we review the NAFTA agreement and we've got capable negotiators there but it has to be fair, fair for both.
This deal has been good for agriculture.
As you know the exports have quadrupled across North America.
I think the economic community is well aware of the benefits of NAFTA too.
Anywhere I have spoken, as you know I've been down through the states and met with Congressmen, state representatives, industry people.
I've not met many people, in fact I don't recall one that has indicated to me that NAFTA was a bad thing.
Mostly what I've heard from the American people was "be careful, don't fix something that's not really broken."
That's basically where we are.
We're going to take care of our Canadian industries.

MacAulay  says, while he has met with his U.S. counterpart Sonny Perdue, not a whole lot was discussed about how the NAFTA discussions are going.
However he acknowledges the U.S. President has talked about tearing up the deal and the U.S. does have the authority to end the agreement.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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