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Manitoba Harvest Resumes Following Rain Delays
Anne Kirk - Manitoba Agriculture

Farmscape for October 4, 2017

Manitoba Agriculture reports following rain delays over the past couple of weeks, harvesting operations have resumed in most areas of the province.
Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report Monday.
Anne Kirk, a Cereal Crop Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, reports producers in the central,  eastern and interlake regions didn't get back onto the fields until Thursday and Friday last week while the harvest did progress throughout the week in the southwest and northwest regions before weekend rains stalled the harvest again across the province.

Clip-Anne Kirk-Manitoba Agriculture:
We have had very dry conditions throughout the growing season so a lot of the moisture that is happening now is being absorbed by the soil.
I'm not sure across the province in terms of how wet the soil conditions are but I haven't heard a lot of reports of excess moisture laying around.
The fields definitely need to dry out a bit, at least in some parts of the province, before fall field work can resume but we haven't had huge quantities of rain except for some areas which did receive more over the past week.
For example, in both the eastern regions and  in the southwest region we were subjected to 75 millimeters of rain in some areas.
So it really depends on the region what we're seeing in terms of soil moisture conditions and how that's going to affect harvest and fall field work.

Kirk says, at this point, most of the harvest involves soybeans, the flax harvest is ongoing and we haven't heard of any reports of grain corn or sunflowers being harvested yet.
She says, in some areas growers have had some difficulty harvesting due to the wet weather that's persisted the last couple of weeks such as in the southwest where it has been difficult to harvest the later seeded swathed canola and in the same region there were reports of hail over the last couple of weeks but there are no reports of damage as of yet and in other areas there are reports of reduced quality in dry beans which were laying in the swath during the rains but quality is still generally good.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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