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FFDC Summer Activities Attract 350 Visitors Per Week
Myrna Grahn - University of Manitoba

Farmscape for August 4, 2016

The Manager of the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre estimates 350 adults and children per week have visited the centre so far this summer.
The University of Manitoba's Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is celebrating its 5th season and is the midst of its summer calendar of events.
Four special events, an ice cream party, insect day, bannock day and dairy day have been held so far this summer and additional events are planned for this month.
Myrna Grahn, the Manager of the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, says 300 children will typically come through the centre during the week for summer camps while the special events on Saturdays have typically attracted 30 to 40 additional visitors.

Clip-Myrna Grahn-University of Manitoba:
For August, we have an event on Saturday, August 13 and we're working with the Manitoba Canola Growers to do a canola crush event.
Saturday the 20th, it's going to be an ice cream party.
We're going to have the new Dairy Farmers of Manitoba exhibit here.
They're going to again be able to make ice cream which is a huge hit with the kids and they'll be able to tour through our dairy barn.
Then on Wednesday the 24th it is a pizza party.
You'll get to make dough, grind wheat to make a whole wheat dough, or of course you could make a white dough for your pizza crust.
You'll be able to bake it in our wood fired pizza oven outside and then put on toppings and cheese to make it yummy.
And to wrap it up at the very end of the summer will be the highlight of baby piglets being born.
That will probably start right on the weekend of the Bacon Makes it Better event, Saturday August 27, and the whole following week, so August 29th to September 2nd or 3rd you'll be able to come and see baby piglets being born.

For more information on the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre visit FFDC.Ca or Google Farm and Food Discovery Centre.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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