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Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre Programming Particularly Good Fit for Grades 10 and 11
Myrna Grahn - University of Manitoba

Farmscape for June 6, 2016

The Manager of the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre says programming offered by the centre this year has been of particular interest to the older high school students.
The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, located at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station, is dedicated to sharing the story of where our food comes from and, so far this year, has hosted over 30 school tours.
Centre Manager Myrna Grahn says programs and activities offered at the centre this year have fit particularly well with the grade 10 and 11 curriculums.

Clip-Myrna Grahn-University of Manitoba:
We offer 10 different programs.
We offer Extraordinary Eggs, Discovery Dairy.
We also have the Science of Spuds which talks about our potato industry and then we have a new one for this year because it's International Year of the Pulses, so we have a Super Foods, Pulses to the Rescue and that's a really great one.
Lately we've had lots of grades 10 and 11 coming because our programs here fit right into their geography class as well as their home economics or nutrition classes and we've been doing a number of really interesting science related, geography related programs with them.
We have the Great Grain Exchange where we bake with the students.
We get them to grind the grain and then right through, weighing the grain, mixing it in different proportions with flour and then seeing the outcome and having them taste all the different types of breads that the groups have made with the different proportions of whole grain right through to white flour.
We do an insect investigation so, now in the summer time, we can actually do this one because the bugs are starting to arrive and we do a soil one as well that, now that we can dig in the dirt and have the students out there we focus on that one.
And we do a great global warming and saving our planet and water systems and talk about different greenhouse gases with some of the older classes as well.

For more information on the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, including a schedule of activities planned for this summer, visit FFDC.Ca.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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