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New Food Element Highlights 2 Decade Old Food Festival
John Howden - SaskTel Centre

Farmscape for July 9, 2015

The Director of Business Development with SaskTel Centre says a new event planned for "Taste of Saskatchewan" will add a new food element to a food festival that has run for two decades.
SaskTel Centre and Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan have teamed up to present the Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan "Chef's Series" as part of Taste of Saskatchewan, slated for July 14 to 19 at Kiwanis Park in Saskatoon.
The annual event features 30 restaurants from northern Saskatchewan, primarily Saskatoon, and typically draws about 100,000 visitors.
John Howden, the Director of Business Development with SaskTel Centre, says, because it's the 20th year of Taste of Saskatchewan, the decision was made to incorporate something new.

Clip-John Howden-SaskTel Centre:
This brand new event is going to feature chefs from Saskatoon and Regina and from 12:00 till 1:00 there will be a demonstration and then at 6:00 pm every day there will be actually a competition, two chefs going head to head, and at the end there'll be a panel of judges and the winner will advance on to the final which will be on Sunday of Taste of Saskatchewan.
Because we're modeling it very similar to some of the shows that are on prime time TV right now, whether on some of the major networks or the Food Network, we expect it to appeal to a lot of folks in Saskatoon.
With the rise of many of the celebrity chefs, there's a big movement towards locally grown, Saskatchewan grown products in our case, and so this is an opportunity for us to bring a different food element into a food festival that's been going for so long, really showcase some of the local talent that we have and also be able to promote the local ingredients that maybe people don't even realize that they can get right here in Saskatchewan and in Saskatoon.

Howden says the Chef's Series offers an opportunity to brag a bit about what the province has to offer food wise as well as the chefs in the province.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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