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Sharing Individual Stories of Farming Informs of Public About Agriculture
Clinton Monchuk - Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan

Farmscape for December 8, 2017

The Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan says the more that those involved in farming share their stories, the better informed the public will be about farming and the origin of the food they eat.
Among the highlights of the 2017 Farms at the Table Conference, set for this coming Wednesday and Thursday in Saskatoon, will be the presentation of the 2017 Farm and Food Care Champion Award.
Clinton Monchuk, the Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, observes we're progressing down a road toward having fewer individuals involved in primary agriculture or agriculture in general and celebrating the activities of the champions we have in Saskatchewan will inspire others to do the same.

Clip-Clinton Monchuk-Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan:
There's a lot of misinformation out there about agriculture.
The more we have of individuals, like our nominees this year who are actively going out and talking about agriculture with an effort to better educate or have conversations with consumers about our their food and where it comes from, the better we are going forward.
You see some issues that are happening in other places of the world where that link between farmers and consumers is being split up and, as a result of that, you have mistrust for agriculture.
You have changes in policy that affects farmers and I think at the end of the day we need to make sure that consumers understand what we're doing and be transparent about it.
Really I've never met a farmer that isn't so happy to talk about what they're doing and the food that they're growing so it's just celebrating that and making sure that we get out and talk to consumers about what we're doing.

Monchuk says consumers really do want to know more about food and farming which is why you see this increased social media push or different  marketing campaigns around local farmers and tying to faces behind the names of where our food comes from.
For more information on the Farms at the Table Conference visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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