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Lack of Moisture Impacting Saskatchewan Yield Potential
Shannon Friesen - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for July 17, 2017

A Cropping Management Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture reports the lack of moisture in southern Saskatchewan will certainly reduce crop yields.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report Thursday for the period from July 4 to 10.
Shannon Friesen, a Cropping Management Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, reports for the majority of crops development is right on schedule with some areas a little behind and others where the crops have advanced quite quickly, influenced mostly by moisture levels.

Clip-Shannon Friesen-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Provincially at the moment topsoil moisture conditions on cropland is rated at two percent surplus, 41 percent adequate, 46 percent short and 11 percent very short.
On hay land and pasture it is three percent surplus, 32 percent adequate 49 percent short and 16 percent very short.
Those numbers indicate that much of the province is quite dry.
There's variability right within areas but, for the most part, the south part of the province particularly south of highway number one things are very very dry.
As we move more north things tend to get a little bit better but we do have some areas that are quite dry.
Our wettest areas are in the northwest and the northeast who have gotten much rain over the last couple of months so things are in excess up there and we are very short in the south.
Crops are suffering in many areas from the lack of moisture.
We've also had a lot of very hot temperatures over the last couple of weeks and the forecast looks to be hot for at least another week or two and with no rain in the forecast things are not looking too good for us down here.

Friesen says crops in some areas are holding on but certainly we will see a yield impact due to the lack of moisture.
She says the hope is we'll see some rain and, while rain is unlikely to save yields in the extreme south, it will help replenish topsoil.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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