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Manitoba Premier Applauds Canadian Free Trade Agreement in Principle
Brian Pallister - Premier Manitoba [ Friday 29 Jul, 2016]
Access to Antibiotics to Treat Disease in Livestock Production Critical to Ensure Animal Welfare
Stewart Cressman - Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster (Swine Innovation Porc) [ Friday 29 Jul, 2016]
Producer Survey to be Used to Develop Resources for Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Burnout
Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton - University of Guelph [ Thursday 28 Jul, 2016]
Proposed Legislative Changes Will Tighten Oversight and Tracking of Imported Veterinary Drugs
Dr. Leigh Rosengren - Rosengren Epidemiology Consulting [ Thursday 28 Jul, 2016]
Tight U.S. Slaughter Capacity Expected to Pressure November-December Live Hog Prices
Tyler Fulton - h@ms Marketing Services [ Wednesday 27 Jul, 2016]
Cooperative Spirit Among Agriculture Ministers as Range of Issues Discussed
Lyle Stewart - Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister [ Wednesday 27 Jul, 2016]
Manitoba Encouraged by Discussion on Trade at Agriculture Ministers' Conference
Ralph Eichler - Agriculture Minister Manitoba [ Tuesday 26 Jul, 2016]
Expanded U.S. Pork Processing Capacity Offers Added Incentive for Expanded Western Canadian Hog Production
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Tuesday 26 Jul, 2016]
Canada's Agriculture Minister Find Common Ground on Action to Strengthen Agriculture
Lawrence MacAulay - Canada-Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food [ Monday 25 Jul, 2016]
Higher than Expected Slaughter Numbers Result in Counter-Seasonal Decline in Live Hog Prices
Tyler Fulton - h@ms Marketing Services [ Monday 25 Jul, 2016]
Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame Chronicles Story of Agriculture
Brian Saunderson - Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame [ Friday 22 Jul, 2016]
Saskatchewan Harvest One to Two Weeks Away
Daphne Cruise - Saskatchewan Agriculture [ Friday 22 Jul, 2016]
Quality Based Pork Grading System Offers Potential to Move the Right Pork Product into the Right Market
Michael Young - Canada Pork International [ Thursday 21 Jul, 2016]
Start of manitoba Winter Cereal Harvest Close at Hand
Pam de Rocquigny - Manitoba Agriculture [ Thursday 21 Jul, 2016]
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